(Prof. Dr. Michael Zaiser, Dr. Stefan Sandfeld)

Practical experience in materials modelling and materials simulation, using Python or MATLAB for programming or open source software for applications.

    If you are ...
  • major (Kernfach) in material simulation you have to do all six practicals.
  • minor (Nebenfach) you can choose two out of the six practicals.
  • computational engineer you can chose either three or five practicals (depening on the choice of the modules)

Winter term

  • Diffusion processes wit finite differences (supervisor: Stefan Sandfeld)

  • Finite Element elasticity (supervisor: Stefan Liebenstein)

  • Plasticity modeling using discrete dislocation dynamics (supervisor: Mehran Monavari)

Summer term

  • Atomistic simulations (supervisor: Stefan Liebenstein)

  • Kinetic Monte-Carlo simulation (supervisor: Michael Zaiser)

  • Microstructure dynamics using the phase field method (supervisor: Ronghai Wu)

Note that the chosen practicals must be handed in during the same semster.