Kernfach Werkstoffsimulation


In this MSc course you will learn the foundations and application of computer-based modelling and simulation methods in computational materials science. Those are an important counterpart to experiments and purely theoretical considerations and have become extremely powerful during the last decades. Besides fundamental knowledge of the theoretical background of modelling and materials simulations you will get a detailed overview over state-of-the-art simulation methods used for the analysis within a materials science context on various length and time scales. You will learn how to apply these methods for various materials science problems. Our course program also offers you to the opportunity to deepen your knowledge of highly up-to-date developments in computational materials science.

Where does Nebenfach (the minor) stop and how far goes Kernfach (the major)?

The major gives a broad theoretical and practical overview over state-of-the-art simulation methods. The key questions to be answered during this Msc course are: How do materials behave and how can this behavior be represented and analyzed in computational simulations? And inversely: How can we use a computer to design a material that behaves in a desired manner?
You will acquire deep knowledge in the physical foundations of materials simulation and thus be able to independently design simulation approaches for solving non-standard problems in materials design, properties and performance. Simulation code development is essential part of the business but… you don’t have to be an expert programmer!

Überblick über das MSc Kernfach Werkstoffsimulation (M1)
Overview over the Matsim MSc major subjects

Plfichtvorlesungen / mandatory courses: 16.5 ECTS
Introduction to Advanced Maths and Calculus WS: 1.5 ECTS
Foundation of Computational Materials Science I WS (1V+1Ü): 3 ECTS
Multiscale Simulation Methods I WS (1V+1Ü): 3 ECTS
Foundations of Computational Materials Science II SS (1V+1Ü): 3 ECTS
Practical (Kernfachpraktikum) SS (6P): 6  ECTS
Wahlpflichtvorlesungen / elective courses: choose courses with alltogether 13.5 ECTS from this section 
Seminar Computational Materials Science I WS: 2 ECTS
Foundations of Finite Element Simulation WS (1V+1Ü): 3 ECTS
Dislocation Theory and Dislocation Simulation WS (1V+1Ü): 3 ECTS
Multiscale Simulation Methods II SS (1V+1Ü): 3 ECTS
Seminar Computational Materials Science II SS: 2 ECTS
Modeling Materials in Finite Element Simulation SS (1V+1Ü): 3 ECTS
Numerische Methoden in den Werkstoffwissenschaften - Atomistische Methoden SS (1V+1Ü): 3 ECTS
Generalized Continuum Models of Materials Mechanics SS (1V): 2 ECTS
Computational Models of Biomaterial Failure SS (1V+1Ü): 3 ECTS

(WS: winter term, SS: summer term, V: lecture, Ü: tutorial. P: practical)